Sports, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways

—Old baseball cards, starting to gray.

—Ace vendor Roger Owens.

—The ultimate triple play: Dodger dog, bag of peanuts, beer.

—The best role model in sports: Chris Paul.

Bob Uecker.

Bob Costas.

—The sweaty cologne of a well-used high school gym.

—The sunrise drive to Phoenix for spring training.

—The evening train to Angel Stadium.

—The view of downtown from Parking Lot P.

—Running backs who don't run out of bounds to avoid hits.

—Black diamond ski runs.

—Mavericks (the surf spot, not the basketball team).

—Matching the hatch.

Mike Trout.

—Rainbow trout.

NASCAR brawls.

Darren Sproles.

—The Toledo Mud Hens.

—The Richmond Flying Squirrels.

—Fans who hand foul balls to little kids.

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