Love, disease and a killing

She resisted at first, as he held the pillow over her face.

"Until I told her I was going with her, and she seemed to relax."

Sandy was swallowing pills when he called the police, trying to do himself in.

"I was tired and I wanted everything to stop."

This wasn't, in other words, a clear-cut case of assisted suicide, nor was it simply a crime. It was also a family tragedy. And an enormous number of people out there are struggling to cope with some of the same harrowing issues of disease and decline. If there are any lessons in this, Sandy said, it's to avoid the vices that can cloud your thinking, to acknowledge your own weakness and to accept help.

Earlier, in court, Sandy had said: "I lost my integrity, my humility, my dignity. What I needed most, I wasn't man enough to ask for. I know no one can go through this alone. We all need help."














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