Man About Town: The sand castle sorcerer's apprentice

This day, LeBon is building a sea horse and a crab. He uses a casting tube to build up the sea horse. Water. Sand. Water. Sand.

When we get to the actual sculpting, LeBon makes it look easy. I make it look impossible. Working top to bottom, he knows how to artfully angle his cuts, to let the midday sun create shadows for ultimate effect.

His son, Alex, does some scroll work using a garden mister, sculpting knife and 2 feet of surgical tubing that he blows through to clear the cavities he's cutting.

I build the eyes of the crab, which look more like those of a bullfrog — or Charlie Sheen at a network meeting.

LeBon follows, salvaging my sea creature with a few deft cuts — a crabendectomy.

The Mission Viejo resident holds workshops on sand castles, and he enlists volunteers for big projects (check schedule at

There's hardly an event he hasn't worked: anniversaries, birthdays, marathons. He's even been hired to craft elaborate wedding proposals.

"You should see the reactions," he says proudly.

What I'd really like to see — romance-wise — is a re-creation of the Ice Bowl, Bart Starr going over Jerry Kramer. Or George Frazier pounding on Muhammad Ali. Or Jackie Robinson stealing home.

Or Deborah Kerr tackling Burt Lancaster in that epic surf scene.

Wait, was that a sport? I don't even think they were wearing cleats.


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