From here to there, quite a journey

There are my football writing colleagues who have picked me up when I have not been at my best. Especially my current ones — Brad Biggs, Matt Bowen, David Haugh, Vaughn McClure, Fred Mitchell and Mike Mulligan.

There are my copy editors who have saved me from embarrassment. Repeatedly.

There is the Pro Football Writers of America. So many loyal friends and shining examples.

There are those good doctors who helped me with that thing back in 1998.

There are all those readers, who followed me from the Sun-Times to The Sporting News to the Tribune.

And there are about 1,000 people who I have left out, seeing this is a 700 word story. Family members, classmates, teammates, brothers forever.

When I was standing up on that stage at the Canton Memorial Civic Center Friday, they all were right there beside me.

Just like always.

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