Time to hear from the Bears' latest McChairman

If ever there was a time for George McCaskey to let everyone know who’s in charge of the Bears, this would seem to be it.

If ever there was a time for the rookie chairman to make clear what his expectations are and how quickly he wants them met, this would seem to be a prime opportunity.

The Bears are reeling in the wake of four straight losses. They started 7-3 and now are the 2-percenters in the playoff race. They have problems on offense, defense and even special teams.

McCaskey must have some thoughts on this death spiral. Seems a good time to hear them.

Tip to McCaskey: If you ever emerge to offer opinions, don’t pull a Ricketts and tell us there’s nothing wrong with your team, that it’s just injuries. Don’t be that guy. Don’t come off that stupid and insulting.

You can start with Jay Cutler’s injury and then go to Matt Forte’s injury, but remember, every team has injuries and there’s no rule against stocking your roster with quality depth.

In fact, it’s recommended by a lot of teams that have won Super Bowls. The Bears, though, have not won the Super Bowl since Ditka and played in the game only once since then.

What’s worse, the Bears have made the playoffs only once in what will become five seasons since that Super Bowl loss.

Doesn’t somebody have to take the blame for this mess?

That’s the big question for McCaskey, and there are suspects everywhere that would give us some insight as to whether this McCaskey’s chairmanship will be useful or useless.

For instance, does McCaskey hold Ted Phillips accountable?

Is Jerry Angelo on Phillips?

Is Caleb Hanie’s inexhaustibly bad month on Angelo?

Angelo famously said he’s in the solution business, and maybe McCaskey believes the solution is to whack Angelo and Phillips. That’s what someone with a plan might do it.

Or is this a Mike Martz issue, and if so, is this also on Lovie Smith for a system that doesn’t seem to work with the talent on the roster?

Maybe it’s me, but I imagine fans would love to have the chairman ask the coach and coordinator why Donovan McNabb wasn’t brought in. I imagine fans also would love for McCaskey to ask the coach and the coordinator why they endorse a system that a veteran quarterback couldn’t pick up in a week.

But wait. There’s more.

Who wears this group of receivers?

Offensive line, same question.

Why does this team draft and start new safeties every year?

Defensive tackles, same question.

I would hope that McCaskey has been around long enough to ask why the personnel and coaching department can’t seem to figure out those two positions --- the two most important spots in Smith’s base defense.

I don’t know what McCaskey knows. I’m just throwing out ideas here that might tell us something --- what he knows, what he cares about, how angry he is, what he plans to do about it.

McCaskey has said it’s all about Super Bowls with the Bears. Good. It should be. That’s the object of the exercise. So, now what?

How do the Bears get there from here? How quickly? Hel-LO.

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