“I don’t know what happened,” Wilson said. “I broke on the route and the ball was coming and I was like, ‘Oh, my God. This is it.’ I put my hands up and it just spun right off my hands. I am so used to doing that in practice. That was my opportunity. I knew if I caught it, I was gone. I said, ‘This is bad right now. This was the opportunity.’ That was really bad.”

His luck turned on the next play. McGloin threw for Ford again and missed badly and Wilson made the interception.

“The second one kind of just floated, I caught it arms, chest, hands and all,” he said. “It was a blessing to get a second opportunity.”

The extended playing time is clear evidence the Bears are taking a hard look at Wilson. Bowman’s situation isn’t known just yet but the veteran looked to have a roster spot locked up considering his experience in the defense and value on special teams.

“Hopefully it's not something that is going to take him a long time to heal,” coach Marc Trestman said. "But hamstrings are what they are. They're always some of the most difficult injuries to come back from in a quick period of time.”

Wilson wasn’t going to examine how his chance came about. He was focused on what he learned and what he needs to do moving forward.

“It was my opportunity,” Wilson said. “Things happened on the field and I ended up being out there. At first I was nervous, I had to shake it off. I knew what to do. I knew what to do but I didn’t know how to react because I was so nervous. I had to get the jitters out but then I calmed down. I started playing.

“I try not to think about (pending roster cuts). I am trying to show what I can do. If I worry about it, I am going to drive myself crazy. I am having fun with these guys.”

4. Rookie Push III. What was the best sign for the Bears offense in hanging 27 points on the Raiders with the starters in only two quarters? Maybe that Jay Cutler didn’t get hit in the pocket. There was a little bit of pressure but not much and when the focus isn’t on the rookie right side of the line coming out of the game, well, that is a positive.

It’s a near certainty first-round pick Kyle Long and fifth-round pick Jordan Mills will be holding down that side of the line when the regular season begins Sept. 8.

Are they ready for the big stage of the regular season?

“I hope so,” Cutler said. “They played well tonight. They get better and better each week. The thing about them is they want to do it. They’re excited about it. It matters to them and they’re getting better, so I don’t see why not.”

Long talked about going through the process and learning more. He and Mills went back out with the second team in the second half, playing most of the third quarter.

“More snaps, more experience,” Long said. “I feel that is exactly what we need on the right side. Obviously, the guys starting from left tackle, left guard and center have thousands of snaps in this league. We need to see certain things and that is what this preseason is for, to get us prepared for the regular season, not just us but across the roster.”

Does Long believe he is ready for the Bengals?

“Who do we have next week?” he said. “We’ve got the Browns next week. We’ll prep for the Browns and then that next time you come and talk to me, maybe we can talk about the Bengals.”

The starters may not play much at all against Cleveland on Thursday night at Soldier Field but look for the rookies on the right side of the line to get some action.

5. There probably will not be action in that Browns game for Jonathan Scott, but he did do some work under the careful watch of the medical staff before the game. It was the first work on the field for the offensive tackle since arthroscopic surgery on his right knee “about 10 days ago.”

“I am feeling better,” Scott said. “It is definitely progress.”

Scott has practiced only one time since July 31 and finally got the scope done putting him on target for what could be a return at the start of the regular season.