10th anniversary of 2131

Memories play on, 10 years later

The record-breaking evening of Sept. 6, 1995, wasn't just Cal Ripken's night to pass Lou Gehrig on the consecutive games list. It was also a celebration of baseball, of Baltimore, of a favorite son. For many, it was the most memorable night ever spent at a ballpark. Here are the sights, sounds and thoughts of 15 people who were there that evening, told in their own words.  Read more ...

'10 years ... in many ways, it seems like it was yesterday'

As the Orioles prepare to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Cal Ripken's record-breaking 2,131st consecutive game Tuesday, The Sun asked Ripken for his recollections.  Read more ...

The Streak: 10 Years Later

Years lend fresh perspective to meaning of Ripken feat

A few years ago, Cal Ripken and his wife plopped down in front of a television to finally watch the video commemorating Ripken's record-setting 2,131st consecutive major league game.  Read more ...


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