Dusty Baker: 'I manage the way my dad managed me and our family'

Washington Nationals manager Dusty Baker seemed perplexed by the perception that he’s a players’ manager.

“I’d like to think that there’s a right way and a wrong way,” Baker said Thursday during a news conference. “I just manage the way my dad managed me and our family. And what I went through with the Marines and different teams I’ve been on. I wasn’t worried if you’re a players’ manager.

“I’ve never figured out what the opposite of a player’s manager is. Would that be a management’s manager?”

Baker confirmed he played for a few managers that employed a “my way or the highway” style.

“Being a manager is not only X's and O's, but you're called a manager because you're managing people. I mean, that's what a manager is.

“I don't know how Joe Maddon (of the Cubs) runs it, how anybody runs it. Most of my life, I was told that I was a little strange or a little weird, or ‘why are you wearing those pants or why are you wearing that shirt?’ And then six, seven, eight months later, people are wearing that same shirt. And by then, I went on to something else (laughter).”

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