Weekend off a refreshing change of pace for tired Johns Hopkins men's lacrosse

The Baltimore Sun

In the wake of a third game in seven days, culminating with Friday night's 6-5 victory over Navy, No. 5 Johns Hopkins was given the weekend off to recharge.

Coach Dave Pietramala said he thinks the two days of rest helped the Blue Jays (9-3), who take a four-game winning streak into Wednesday’s regular-season home finale vs. Villanova (5-7) at 7 p.m. at Homewood Field.

“The guys came out to practice yesterday and seemed refreshed,” Pietramala said on Tuesday morning. “We won’t know until we play Wednesday night the true impact of giving them some time off. You walk a very fine line. You never want to get out of a rhythm and we’ve won a couple in a row here. So you don’t want to risk getting out of a rhythm. But the physical and mental well-being and health of your team is paramount. The most important thing we can do is put a team out on the field that is excited to play and is energetic and is not trying to fight through being tired. Yesterday’s practice was enthusiastic. … It was a good practice. A little sloppy in moments, and you would expect that after two days off, but nonetheless, enthusiastic and energetic.”

While Pietramala gave the players a break, he and his coaching staff spent some time preparing for the impending visit from the Wildcats.

“I don’t have time for a break,” he said. “It’s not important. The coaches, this is our job. We get paid to make sure that this team is prepared. Sure, this becomes a grind at this time of year. It seems as if every year feels longer and longer and longer. That’s just the way the profession is becoming with all of the recruiting that’s going on, managing four classes, taking care of your own house, managing your own players, the season, academics. It’s a long year, but it’s a long year for all coaches, and it’s a long year for most coaches in most sports because coaches do what they do because they’re passionate and they delve deep into what they’re doing. … It was nice. I got to spend a little time with my family as my assistants did. But at some point in time, we all worked on Sunday – whether it was from home or in the office. That’s what we have to do here.”

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