US Lacrosse addresses proposed rules changes on faceoffs, restarts

In response to the NCAA's proposed rule changes for the 2013 men's lacrosse season, the US Lacrosse men's game safety education subcommittee provided comments centered on player safety Wednesday to the NCAA men's lacrosse rules committee.

Angelo Calvello, chairman of the US Lacrosse men's game safety education subcommittee, wrote a letter about recommendations involving the proposed rule changes for faceoffs and restarts.

Among the highlights, US Lacrosse requested the NCAA rescind proposals that move faceoff players to 12 inches apart and that outlaw the motorcycle grip.

"Increasing the distance allows for more force to be generated prior to any contact between the two players, thus increasing the energy exchanged at impact and increasing the likelihood of injuries to the head, neck, and shoulder," Calvello wrote in the letter.

"From a physiological perspective, the motorcycle grip seems to place less stress on the joints in the right arm, especially when the arm is under force. ... From a safety perspective, we can find no reason to prohibit the motorcycle grip," Calvello added.

While the move to quicker restarts was supported, the letter advised the NCAA of the potential for injuries to midfielders or defensemen who have stepped into a crease vacated by the goalie.

"These players lack the proper safety equipment required for goalies ... placing them at risk of injury. ... We would recommend that the committee develop a formal protocol for discouraging players from placing themselves in such a potentially injurious position," Calvello wrote.

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