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US Lacrosse announces tryout roster for 2014 FIL World Championship

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The 98-player tryout roster for the U.S. men's national team that will compete in the 2014 Federation of International Lacrosse World Championship was announced during halftime of the Major League Lacrosse game between the Chesapeake Bayhawks and Denver Outlaws on Saturday afternoon.

The tryout session will be held Labor Day weekend at Goucher. Furman coach Richie Meade, former head coach at Navy, will oversee tryouts; US Lacrosse then will announce the 40-player U.S. men’s national team.

The championships will be held next July at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colo.

Notable returning players include Paul Rabil (Johns Hopkins), the MVP of the gold medal-winning team at the 2010 World Championships in Manchester, England, as well as three-time U.S. team members Ryan Boyle (Gilman) and Matt Striebel. Ned Crotty, who scored the tying and winning goals in Team USA's 12-10 win over Canada in the championship game in 2010, also returns.

Full alphabetical roster (with pro and college teams noted)

Matt Abbott, SSDM, 6'2 185, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Syracuse
Drew Adams, G, 6'2 205, New York Lizards, Penn State
Peter Baum, M, 6'1 195, LXM Pro, Colgate
Mitch Belisle, D, 5'11 195, Boston Cannons, Cornell
Stephen Berger, M, 5'10 160, Boston Cannons, Washington
Jake Bernhardt, SSDM, 6' 185, Ohio Machine, Maryland
Jesse Bernhardt, LSM, 6' 195, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Maryland
Billy Bitter, A, 6' 175, LXM Pro, North Carolina
Chris Bocklet, A, 6' 182, Denver Outlaws, Virginia
Matt Bocklet, LSM, 5'10 180, Denver Outlaws, Johns Hopkins
Jeremy Boltus, A, 6'1 190, Denver Outlaws, Army
Ryan Boyle, A, 5'11 180, Boston Cannons, Princeton
Sam Bradman, M, 6' 165, LXM Pro, Salisbury
Steven Brooks, M, 6' 195, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Syracuse
Kevin Buchanan, M, 5'10 185, Boston Cannons, Ohio State
Brendan Buckley, D, 6'1 195, Boston Cannons, Army
Jordan Burke, G, 6' 190, Boston Cannons, Brown
Dan Burns, SSDM, 6'1 185, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Maryland
Ned Crotty, A, 6'2 185 Rochester Rattlers, Duke
Kevin Cunningham, A, 5'10 170, Hamilton Nationals, Villanova
Matt Danowski, A, 6' 200, Charlotte Hounds, Duke
Steve DeNapoli, SSDM, 5'9 170, Rochester Rattlers, Hofstra
Matt Dolente, FO, 5'7 165, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Johns Hopkins
Tucker Durkin, D, 6'2 210, Hamilton Nationals, Johns Hopkins
David Earl, M, 6'1 185, New York Lizards, Notre Dame
Chris Eck, FO, 6' 215, Boston Cannons, Colgate
Barney Ehrmann, D, 6'5 220, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Georgetown
Benson Erwin, SSDM, 6'1 195, LXM Pro, Johns Hopkins
Michael Evans, D, 6' 220, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Johns Hopkins
Brian Farrell, LSM, 6'5 240, Boston Cannons, Maryland
Ryan Flanagan, D, 6'5 215, Charlotte Hounds, North Carolina
Joe Fletcher, D, 6'3 185, Loyola rising senior
Brendan Fowler, FO, 6' 200, Duke rising senior
John Galloway, G, 6' 188, Rochester Rattlers, Syracuse
Adam Ghitelman, G, 5'8 185, Charlotte Hounds, Virginia
Matt Gibson, A, 5'10 170, New York Lizards, Yale
Graham Gill, M, 6'2 205, LXM Pro, Navy
Greg Gurenlian, FO, 6'1 225, New York Lizards, Penn State
Kyle Harrison, M, 6'1 200, LXM Pro, Johns Hopkins
Kyle Hartzell, LSM, 6'1 205, Ohio Machine, Salisbury
Pat Heim, M, 5'11 205, Boston Cannons, Penn State
Marcus Holman, A, 5'10 185, Ohio Machine, North Carolina
Ben Hunt, M, 6'5 215, Chesapeake Bayhawks, North Carolina
Brian Karalunas, LSM, 6' 185, New York Lizards, Villanova
Austin Kaut, G, 5'10 205, Penn State rising senior
Anthony Kelly, FO, 6'4 255, Denver Outlaws, Ohio State
Terry Kimener, M, 6'2 190, Denver Outlaws, UMBC
Michael Kimmel, M, 6' 195, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Johns Hopkins
John Lade, D, 5'11 195, Rochester Rattlers, Syracuse
Cameron Lao-Gosney, M, 6' 190, Hamilton Nationals, Lehigh
Roman Lao-Gosney, M, 6' 200, Hamilton Nationals, Lehigh
Chris LaPierre, SSDM, 6'2 215, Virginia rising senior
Eric Law, A, 5'10 170, Denver Outlaws, Denver
David Lawson, M, 6'1 204, Rochester Rattlers, Duke
Kevin Leveille, A, 5'10 195, Rochester Rattlers, Massachusetts
John LoCascio, LSM, 5'10 190, Villanova rising senior
Matt Lovejoy, D, 5'11 200, Hamilton Nationals, Virginia
Matt Mackrides, M, 5'11 185, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Penn State
Mike Manley, D, 6'1 220, Rochester Rattlers, Duke
Kevin Massa, FO, 6' 200, Bryant, Bryant
Brendan Mundorf, A, 5'11 205, Denver Outlaws, UMBC
Rob Pannell, A, 5'9 195, New York Lizards, Cornell
Justin Pennington, SSDM, 5'11 205, Denver Outlaws, Rutgers
Stephen Peyser, M, 6'2 210, New York Lizards, Johns Hopkins
Peet Poillon, M, 5'9 180, Charlotte Hounds, UMBC
Nicky Polanco, D, 6'5 235, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Hofstra
Mike Poppleton, FO, 6'1 200, Hamilton Nationals, Johns Hopkins
Casey Powell, M, 6'1 200, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Syracuse
Brett Queener, G, 5'10 190, Hamilton Nationals, Albany
Paul Rabil, M, 6'4 220, Boston Cannons, Johns Hopkins
John Ranagan, SSDM, 6'3 215, Rochester Rattlers, Johns Hopkins
Adam Rand, FO, 5'11 215, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Stony Brook
Scott Ratliff, LSM, 5'11 190, Boston Cannons, Loyola
Jack Rice, A, 5'11 175, Glenelg Golden Eagles (Australia), Villanova
Dillon Roy, LSM, 5'10 190, Denver Outlaws, Denver
Ben Rubeor, A, 5'11 190, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Virginia
Mike Sawyer, M, 5'11 190, Charlotte Hounds, Loyola
Chris Schiller, SSDM, 6' 190, Charlotte Hounds, Penn State
Brett Schmidt, D, 6' 180, Charlotte Hounds, Maryland
Tom Schreiber, M, 6' 205, Princeton rising senior
Jesse Schwartzman, G, 6' 220, Denver Outlaws, Johns Hopkins
Max Seibald, M, 6'1 210, New York Lizards, Cornell
Jeremy Sieverts, M, 6'3 205, Denver Outlaws, Maryland
Michael Simon, D, 6'4 225, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Stevenson
Drew Snider, M, 5'11 175, Denver Outlaws, Maryland
Steele Stanwick, A, 6' 190, Ohio Machine, Virginia
Mike Stone, M, 5'11 175, Boston Cannons, Middlebury
Matt Striebel, M, 6'1 195, Rochester Rattlers, Princeton
Kyle Sweeney, D, 6'2 195, Boston Cannons, Georgetown
Garrett Thul, A, 6'3 237, Hamilton Nationals, Army
Kip Turner, G, 5'11 195, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Virginia
Kevin Unterstein, SSDM, 5'10 185, New York Lizards, Hofstra
Drew Westervelt, A, 6'5 230, Chesapeake Bayhawks, UMBC
Chad Wiedmaier, D, 6' 200, Ohio Machine, Princeton
Jordan Wolf, A, 5'9 175, Duke, Duke
Chazz Woodson, A, 5'10 173, Ohio Machine, Brown
Ryan Young, A, 6' 175, Charlotte Hounds, Maryland
Lee Zink, D, 6'3 190, Denver Outlaws, Maryland

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