Towson men's lacrosse team benefits from rare weekend off

It’s not unusual for a team to play every weekend between February and May and mix in a few midweek games. Towson got a rare break from normalcy over the weekend.

The No. 19 Tigers (5-2) did not play, and they have not played since a 14-9 victory over Navy on Tuesday. Towson will return to Johnny Unitas Stadium this week for another Tuesday night game with UMBC (3-3).

Coach Shawn Nadelen said the team welcomed the layoff.

“I do think that, with the kind of stretch that we had in the first half of the season when we were jamming in a lot of games in a short amount of time, our guys kind of needed a bit of a breather before we head into the second half of the season,” he said Monday morning. “Health-wise, it helps us out. This week, our guys are actually on spring break. So there were a lot of exams and papers and things like that at the end of this past week. So I think between school and health, I think that was a good thing for our guys.

"As far as our competitive side, in practice the guys have been looking pretty good. So I think they’re staying pretty focused. But we’ll see the true results on Tuesday night at 7.”

Nadelen said he gave the players Wednesday and Thursday off last week, so they could concentrate on academics without having to worry about practice and film sessions. And he said there was a good pace to practice Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“I think, just with the two days off and getting the guys back to be healthy was a good thing,” he said. “The guys looked pretty refreshed and energized and ready to roll.”

Despite the break, one player who is still in a holding pattern is senior midfielder Andrew Hodgson, who has yet to be cleared to return to practice. Nadelen said he and Hodgson have discussed the possibility of redshirting this season and applying for a medical waiver to return for 2015.

“It’s been in the back of our heads, and Andrew understands that,” he said. “We’ve had the conversation. So we’ll approach that subject if and when we have to. Like I said, we want to see if we could utilize him because he is so valuable for us as a leader and as a playmaker.

"We don’t want to not be able to have that if we have him as an option, but we do have to be smart to see when that option would be available.”

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