5. Resolve the issue of a new national headquarters in a manner consistent with the strategic priorities of the organization

Strategic priority: Strengthen and ensure long-term financial viability
Associated goals:
1. Increase individual member value and increase market share
2. Increase contributions from donors and grants
3. Increase nonmember sources of support

Strategic priority: Elevate the visibility of the organization and sport
Associated goals:
1. Develop and implement prioritized branding and sanctioning strategies for lacrosse events and programs
2. Establish multi-faced public relations strategies to increase awareness of US Lacrosse and the sport of lacrosse

"As a board, we’re excited about the new strategic plan as it continues to move the fastest-growing sport in the nation forward with clear goals related to that growth," said Laura Hebert, chairwoman of the US Lacrosse Board of Directors.

"US Lacrosse is pleased that participation in lacrosse continues to grow, and much of that growth is fueled by our operations," said Steve Stenersen, president and CEO of US Lacrosse. "But our young organization must continue to provide growing leadership and resources to the national lacrosse community, and I believe this plan appropriately challenges us to make an even greater impact over the next three years."

The US Lacrosse Strategic Planning Committee, a body of 10 individuals from eight states whose members work in different capacities in lacrosse, spent 18 months researching, developing and authoring the new strategic plan.

"I would like to thank the nine other members of the committee for their passion, time and effort in developing the US Lacrosse strategic plan," said Jim Landon, chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee. "We had a great group that brought numerous ideas to the table, provided insightful contributions from their diverse backgrounds, and who worked extremely well together to produce a challenging yet viable three-year roadmap for US Lacrosse."

The full, 17-page PDF of the strategic plan can be accessed here.