US Lacrosse today released "US Lacrosse Strategic Plan 2013-15," a document outlining five areas of strategic priority and associated goals that will guide the operations of lacrosse’s national governing body for the next three years. The US Lacrosse Board of Directors formally approved the strategic plan at its September meeting.

As detailed in the plan, US Lacrosse’s areas of strategic priority and associated goals are:

Strategic priority: Enhance the quality of the lacrosse experience for participants.
Associated goals:
1. Promote and preserve game integrity and player safety
2. Promote a positive sports culture and climate
3. Empower and mobilize parents to promote US Lacrosse standards
4. Utilize the US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Committee as a key resource for improving safety and enjoyment of the game for players and fans

Strategic priority: Strengthen access and opportunity for all.
Associated goals:
1. Develop, prioritize and establish strategies to increase participation for underrepresented and underserved individuals
2. Develop cost-effective solutions for entry into the game
3. Establish and implement a strategy to address capacity at all levels of lacrosse for access to and affordability of fields and facilities.

Strategic priority: Strengthen/modify US Lacrosse’s structure/infrastructure to enhance the capacity to lead and serve
Associated goals:
1. Develop and implement a regional structure
2. Strengthen chapters
3. Maximize volunteer/staff synergy
4. Develop and implement strategies that promote collaborative efforts and US Lacrosse, its chapters and youth leagues to advocate, deliver and utilize US Lacrosse’s programs and services