Cantabene calls Stevenson men's lacrosse 13-5 rout at No. 8 Lynchburg best win of 2014

No. 4 Stevenson’s 13-5 pasting of then-No. 8 Lynchburg on Saturday may not have been the team’s easiest win of the season, but it might have been the reigning national champion’s most thorough.

The Mustangs (9-1) turned a slight 4-2 lead after the first quarter into a sizable 10-3 advantage at halftime, and the rout was a welcome development for coach Paul Cantabene.

“I thought we played 60 minutes of lacrosse,” he said on Tuesday morning. “That’s the first time all year – besides maybe the Tufts game – where we really put everything together. I thought we played our toughest lacrosse of the year because they’re a pretty tough team. Defensively, we did a great job of not letting them back into the game and offensively, controlling the pace. We didn’t make the mistakes that we did in other games where we let other teams back into the game. So I thought we got a great effort from our defense and they were tough on Lynchburg all day. Our offense shot the ball extremely well at times to really put some pressure on them. So I think it was a great effort all around.”

That doesn’t mean that the team was perfect. Stevenson converted just 1-of-4 extra-man opportunities, won 11 faceoffs to the Hornets’ 10, and failed on three clears.

“I still think we can clear the ball better at times and can make some better decisions,” Cantabene said. “But overall, that was really one of our better efforts – along with the Tufts game. We played 60 minutes of lacrosse and didn’t let the team back in and didn’t make mistakes on top of mistakes. So I was really happy with how we played.”

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