NCAA survey finds alcohol, drug use highest among lacrosse players

Men’s lacrosse players reported the highest percentage use of alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and other substances, according to data released this week by the NCAA.

The numbers were based off a self-reported survey of student athletes in 2013. The entire report can be found here

In the data, 93.1 percent of men’s lacrosse players said they used alcohol within the past 12 months (down from 95.0 percent  in 2009), 10.5 percent used cocaine (up from 9.7 percent in 2009), and 46.3 percent used marijuana (down from 48.5 percent in 2009). All three numbers are the highest among the 10 sports in the survey, with the percentage of cocaine use more than double the next sport (wrestling, 4.7 percent).

In women’s lacrosse, 95.2 percent of players reported using alcohol within the past 12 months (up from 84.7 percent in 2009). The 21.2 percent use of marijuana and the 0.9 percent use of cocaine are both down from 2009 but still among the highest numbers for the 10 sports surveyed.

The executive summary of the report pointed out lacrosse as having “substance use rates that are notably higher than in other sports.” 

The last drug-use survey prompted a column in Inside Lacrosse magazine, run online under the headline "Drug Use Survey a Wakeup Call."

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