Mount St. Mary's to go with Adam Borgogelli in goal vs. Bucknell

Mount St. Mary’s plans to start sophomore goalkeeper Adam Borgogelli in Sunday’s home opener against No. 17 Bucknell.

While acknowledging that the lopsided nature of Tuesday’s 23-6 loss to No. 3 Maryland didn’t give the coaching staff enough time to accurately evaluate freshman Will Rego in his first career start, coach Tom Gravante said he wants to see what Borgogelli can do when the Bison visit Waldron Family Stadium in Emmittsburg.

“Adam was the starting goalie at the end of fall, and then when guys came back for the preseason, he kind of worked himself out, and Will and [freshman] Frankie [McCarthy] ended up being better,” Gravante said. “Adam is one of our best stoppers, but he struggles in the clearing game. I stayed behind [assistant coach and former goalie] T.C. DiBartolo, and I said we need to have somebody who is a little more competitive in there. Post-game [Tuesday], he said, ‘Let’s go with our best stopper.’ Our best stopper right now is Adam, and we’re going to give Adam a shot on Sunday.”

Borgogelli did not play in the setback to the Terps. Rego made just one save and surrendered eight goals in the first quarter, McCarthy made seven saves and allowed nine goals in the second and third periods, and junior Chris Klaiber made zero saves and surrendered six goals in the fourth quarter.

Gravante said he made it a point of emphasis to talk to Rego after he was pulled from the game.

“When Frankie was in the goal, I went over to Will and said, ‘Listen, this is not your fault,’” Gravante said. “We did not put him in a position to be successful. Maryland shot the ball 12 times in the first quarter and scored eight goals. They did a great job of shooting the ball, but we never put Will in a position to give up the shots we wanted to give up. There’s only so much that we can let a young goalie take.”

Gravante said he is hoping that one of the four goalie candidates will seize the starting role.

“We have an issue in that cage, and we’re going to have to sort that out,” he said. “How do I see that as a player? There’s opportunity there, and we’re waiting for one of those young men to separate himself from the other and take the starting role.”

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