Maryland continuing to hold off on ending Bernhardt's season

Jake Bernhardt has missed all five of No. 11 Maryland’s contests this season as he works to rehabilitate an injured left shoulder. With the calendar slowly creeping towards mid-March, the Terps have about seven more weeks in the regular season.

So have the senior midfielder and the team reached a breaking point in terms of declaring Bernhardt’s season over? Not yet, according to coach John Tillman.

“We’d have to think about it, no doubt,” he said Tuesday. “I think we’re going to keep working with him. He was running around yesterday on the practice field. I think he’s got full mobility and stuff. I think it’s just a matter of how quickly he comes along. But we need to keep that in mind with how far into the season are we getting. If we get too far, is it worth bringing him back only for a few weeks? I think that’s something I would ask him to talk about with his family first and then based on what they think, I’ll give them my two cents and then we can go from there because it’s obviously a big decision for him.”

By the same token, Tillman said he’s hesitant about setting an “all-in” date to have a conversation about redshirting with Bernhardt.

“I think because of just the emotional component of getting hurt, I didn’t really want to go down that road,” he said. “I kind of wanted to just let things play out and let him settle in and see how things went and come back to it and see how he was doing. Obviously, we’d love to have him out there. He’s one of our best athletes and most experienced guys. He allows us to do so many more things out there, but we also have to ask, ‘What are we sacrificing for three weeks?’ Down the stretch here, we play some great games, and we could really use him, but to have him for a whole year would be pretty nice, too. So we’ll just see how it plays out.”

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