Jim Berkman isn't seeing stars on Salisbury -- and that's OK with him

When Jim Berkman says there is no Sam Bradman on Salisbury’s roster, he was referring to the team's apparent lack of stars.

Tufts coach Mike Daly certainly feels otherwise.

Berkman said Tuesday morning that there is no Bradman or Kylor Berkman or Jason Coffman on the team, referring to the absence of a standout player on this year’s squad. And that’s fine with the veteran coach.

“It’s been a really enjoyable season,” Berkman said Tuesday morning during a conference call. “We really don’t have any egos, we don’t have one guy that says he’s got to have a great day [for the Sea Gulls] to win. Teams have picked their poison on who they pole or who they put their energy toward to stop, and somebody else picks up the slack. [This is] a team that plays within our system and knows how to score as a result of the system, not just great individual talent although there is a lot of talent out there to be at this point. It’s been very enjoyable. They're very receptive and have been very focused throughout the year in the very difficult schedule that we have faced.”

Compared to Tufts, Salisbury doesn’t have the players with eye-opening numbers. The Sea Gulls’ leading scorer, senior attackman Rhett DePol, has 72 points – which trails four Jumbos players.

But Salisbury had four players placed on the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association’s list of first-team All-Americans – the most by any program. Tufts only had two first-teamers, leading Daly to dismiss Berkman’s contention that the Sea Gulls don’t have stars.

“That brings a smile to my face because the All-American teams came out this morning and they’ve got more first-team All-Americans than us, more All-Americans than us,” Daly said. “So I think Coach Berkman is being a little coy with you.”

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