If Johns Hopkins beats Army, Jays deserve NCAA tournament bid

The Baltimore Sun

There has been plenty of speculation that Johns Hopkins won't make the NCAA lacrosse tournament, but I don't see that happening. As long as the Blue Jays (8-5) beat Army this weekend, they'll get in.

Remember, this is still Hopkins we're talking about here. The Hopkins name is synonymous with the sport. The Blue Jays have some lightweights on the schedule, but they still play Maryland, Navy, Loyola, North Carolina, Syracuse and Princeton. That's a very tough schedule.

This might be a "down" year for Hopkins, but the Blue Jays will rebound. Blue Jays coach Dave Pietramala is good at evaluating and analyzing things, and he'll make the corrections. After being at Hopkins for 13 years, he might have to re-invent himself a little. That's pretty standard for any coach who has been at one place for more than 10 years.

If Hopkins has one glaring problems, it's that the Blue Jays don't have that one stud, that one dominating player that can take over a game. They had that with midfielders Kyle Harrison and later Paul Rabil, but they've missed players of that that caliber recently.

Regardless, the Blue Jays will make the tournament for the 42nd straight season. They looked horrible against Loyola last week, but they deserve to be in the field. On any given day, they can beat any team in America, and that can't be said for some teams that have a higher RPI.

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