Mike Preston: Time to talk dynasty if Duke wins NCAA lacrosse title

The Baltimore Sun

If as Duke wins another national championship in men's lacrosse Monday at M&T Bank Stadium, then we can start talking about a dynasty.

If the Blue Devils capture another title, it will be their third in five years (2010 and 2013). And there is no denying that Duke has been the most consistent and dominant power, having played in eight straight Final Fours.

In that time, some of the traditional powers -- like Virginia, Syracuse, Cornell and Johns Hopkins -- have slipped . At some of those schools, there have been rumors about firing some of the game's greatest coaches, even though those talks always seem to be premature.

While we have seen teams like Denver, Loyola, Notre Dame, Albany and Ohio State emerge, the Blue Devils have withstood the test of time and continue to stay at the top of the rankings.

If they beat Denver on Saturday and then Maryland or Notre Dame on Monday, the Blue Devils have to go down in history with some of those great Hopkins, Princeton and Syracuse teams as the top team of their era.

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