Changes in the cage could be afoot for Mount St. Mary's

For four years, Mount St. Mary’s relied on T.C. DiBartolo as its undisputed starting goalkeeper. Now after one season, the team could make a change in the net.

Despite the return of junior Chris Klaiber, coach Tom Gravante said he isn’t sure who will start in Saturday’s scrimmage against Lehigh.

“We are having issues,” he said. “Right now, the kid that looked to be the No. 1 goalie at the end of the fall season was [sophomore] Adam Borgogelli. He looked great this fall. When we posted the depth chart at the end of the fall, it was Adam. But anything can happen, and it’s two different seasons between fall and spring. Right now, a kid who was at the bottom of the depth chart, a freshman named Will Rego, is at the top. It’s probably Will Rego and a tossup between Adam Borgogelli and the other freshman, Frankie McCarthy, and Chris Klaiber is starting to close the gap. The play has not been very consistent among the goalies and some of that has to do with two freshmen being there. They’re young, and Borgogelli is almost like a freshman. He didn’t see a whole lot of time last year, and even though Chris is a junior, he’s really just a sophomore on the field. We’re still trying to sort that out. We’re going to have a good go against Lehigh and as we move further into the week, we’re going to make a decision about who to start.”

Klaiber made all 15 starts last season, registering an 11.57 goals-against average and a .449 save percentage. Those aren’t eye-opening numbers, but he does have the experience of playing in games. Would that be enough for Gravante to give him the edge over the other competitors?

“I would, but my experienced assistant T.C. DiBartolo, I’m really getting behind him and putting my belief in his decision,” Gravante said of DiBartolo, who is on the Mountaineers coaching staff. “It’s great to have him on staff. He’s going to look at things a lot differently. He’s already pointed some things out that make sense. So I’m going to stand behind him, and whatever he decides we should do, I’m going to go with it.”

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