The season: USC beat UCLA during the regular season for its first loss in Pauley Pavilion, the site of the two NCAA regional wins against New Mexico State and Santa Clara. Junior college transfer John Vallely, nicknamed "Money Man," came through with 29 points in the semifinals against Drake and the Bruins became the first team to win three consecutive titles with a win over Wooden's former school.

Championship game leading scorers: Alcindor 37, Vallely 15, Rowe 12, Shackelford 11.

NCAA semifinals: Defeated Drake, 85-82, at Louisville, Ky. Leading scorers: Vallely 29, Alcindor 25, Rowe 14, Heitz 7.

Second round: Defeated Santa Clara, 90-52, at Pauley Pavilion. Leading scorers: Alcindor 17, Sweek 12, Vallely 11, Wicks 11, Patterson 9.

First round: Defeated New Mexico State, 53-38, at Pauley Pavilion. Leading scorers: Alcindor 16, Vallely 10, Heitz 9, Rowe 8, Shackelford 8.


1969-70 (28-2)

Championship game: UCLA 80, Jacksonville 69, at College Park, Md.

The team: Kenny Booker, Rick Betchley, John Ecker, Sidney Wicks, Steve Patterson, Jon Chapman, Curtis Rowe, Bill Seibert, John Vallely. Henry Bibby, Terry Schofield, Andy Hill.

The season: Starters John Vallely, above with Wooden, and Curtis Rowe returned from the 1969 title team. Forward Sidney Wicks (18.6 ppg, 11.9 rpg), center Steve Patterson (12.5, 10.0) and guard Henry Bibby (15.6 ppg, .501 shooting) proved to be a valuable trio as the Bruins averaged 92 points per game, including 133 against LSU and Pete Maravich. The 6-9 Wicks came up big against Jacksonville's 7-2 Artis Gilmore in the title game.

Championship game leading scorers: Rowe 19, Patterson 17, Wicks 17, Vallely 15, Bibby 8.

NCAA semifinals: Defeated New Mexico State, 93-77, at College Park, Md. Leading scorers: Vallely 23, Wicks 22, Bibby 19, Rowe 15, Patterson, 12.

Second round: Defeated Utah State, 101-79, at Seattle. Leading scorers: Wicks 26, Rowe 26, Bibby 15, Vallely 14, Patterson 9.

First round: Defeated Long Beach State, 88-65, at Seattle. Leading scorers: Wicks 20, Bibby 20, Rowe 15, Vallely 14, Patterson 13.


1970-71 (29-1)

Championship game: UCLA 68, Villanova 62, at Houston

The team: Larry Hollyfield, Larry Farmer, John Ecker, Curtis Rowe, Steve Patterson, Sidney Wicks, Jon Chapman, Kenny Booker, Rich Betchley, Terry Schofield. Andy Hill, Henry Bibby.

The season: There were close calls on the way to a 29-1 record. The only loss came to Notre Dame and it would be UCLA's last loss for three years. Steve Patterson scored 29 points in the NCAA final and Henry Bibby added 17 points playing alongside senior Kenny Booker in the backcourt. In the regional against Long Beach State, UCLA rallied from an 11-point deficit to reach another Final Four.

Championship game leading scorers: Patterson 29, Bibby 17, Rowe 8, Wicks 7.