John Wooden, 1969

UCLA Coach John Wooden is flanked by forward Sidney Wicks, right, and center Lew Alcindor (later to become Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) after UCLA beat Purdue, 92-72, to win the NCAA basketball title in Louisville, Ky., in March 1969. It was UCLA's fifth championship under Wooden and third in a string of seven in a row for the Bruins, who won 10 NCAA titles in a 12-year stretch.
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1963-64 (30-0)

Championship game: UCLA 98, Duke 83, at Kansas City, Mo.

The team: Steve Brucker, Fred Slaughter, Doug McIntosh, Vaughn Hoffman, Keith Erickson, Kim Stewart, Kenny Washington, Gail Goodrich, Jack Hirsch, Rich Levin, Walt Hazzard, Kent Graham, Mike Huggins, Chuck Darrow.

The season: At the beginning of the season, this team wasn't even ranked in the national top 50. It was Wooden's shortest team to win a national title (center Fred Slaughter was only 6-5). Walt Hazzard, Gail Goodrich, Keith Erickson, Jack Hirsch and Kenny Washington helped beat a taller Duke team to complete the Bruins' first perfect season. Wooden called this team "perhaps my favorite."

Championship game leading scorers: Goodrich 27, Washington 26, Hirsch 13, Hazzard 11, Erickson 8, McIntosh 8.

NCAA semifinals: Defeated Kansas State, 90-84, at Kansas City, Mo. Leading scorers: Erickson 28, Hazzard 19, Goodrich 14, Washington 13.

Second round: Defeated San Francisco, 76-72, at Corvallis, Ore. Leading scorers: Hazzard 23, Goodrich 15, Hirsch 14, Slaughter 9.

First round: Defeated Seattle, 95-90, at Corvallis, Ore. Leading scorers: Hazzard 26, Hirsch 21, Goodrich 19, Slaughter 13.


1964-65 (28-2)

Championship game: UCLA 91, Michigan, at Portland, Ore.

The team: Rich Levin, Edgar Lacey, Doug McIntosh, Vaughn Hoffman, Bill Winkelholz, Mike Lynn, Keith Erickson, Kenny Washington, Bill Ureda. Gail Goodrich, John Lyons, John Galbraith, Mike Serafin, Brice Chambers, Larry McCollister, Fred Goss.

The season: Gail Goodrich (24.6 ppg) poured in 42 in the title game against the Wolverines. With only two returning starters, the Bruins were humiliated in a 27-point loss to Illinois to start the season, but senior Keith Erickson (12.9), junior Fred Goss (12.2) and sophomore Edgar Lacey (11.6) helped a balanced UCLA attack average an even 100 points during the tournament.

Championship game leading scorers: Goodrich 42, Washington 17, Lacey 11, Goss 8.

NCAA semifinals: Defeated Wichita State, 108-89, at Portland, Ore. Leading scorers: Goodrich 28, Lacey 24, Goss 19, McIntosh 11.

Second round: Defeated San Francisco, 101-93, at Provo, Utah. Leading scorers: Goodrich 30, Erickson 29, Lacey 15, Goss 13.

First round: Defeated Brigham Young, 100-76, at Provo, Utah. Leading scorers: Goodrich 40, Erickson 28, Lacey 15, Lynn 8.


1966-67 (30-0)