He was a person who not only affected how you played the game but how you lived life. What he taught us will be part of me all my days.

— Rafer Johnson

decathlon champion, UCLA player, 1958-60


It wasn't until years later, after college, after the NBA, when my life focus began to change on marriage, divorce, children, the business world, that I began to sense how special a man he was.

— Jamaal Wilkes

UCLA player, 1971-74

What he did was produce leaders.… His "Pyramid of Success" hangs in my office to remind me every day of what it takes to be an effective leader.

— Gene Block

UCLA chancellor


He's a legend and national treasure who was a coach, but his life meant so much more than being a coach. Think of all the lives outside of sports who were touched by him. We're

talking millions of people.

— Ben Howland

UCLA coach