Round 1. Villante connects with a leg kick right at the start that sends St. Preux backwards. Villante catches a St. Preux kick and looks for a takedown. Villante eventually gives up the attempt. St. Preux throws some big hooks but Villante defends well. St. Preux throws another series of hooks a little while later and this time he connects. He appears to have Villante dazed and he hammers him with shots against the cage. Villante clinches and regains his composure. Villante goes for a takedown but St. Preux stops it. St. Preux goes for a takedown but it is easily defended. 10-9 St. Preux.

Round 2. Each man looks for a leg kick early and an off balance St. Preux falls down. Villante starts going to work with hard low kicks that St. Preux for the most part isn't checking. St. Preux goes for a takedown but it is blocked well by Villante. St. Preux's output has really gone down. He's throwing very sparingly and Villante isn't terribly active in his own right. St. Preux lands a nice straight punch. The crowd beings to boo what has been a lackluster round. 10-9 Villante.

Round 3. Villante takes an accidental finger to the eye and needs a moment to compose himself. Referee Kevin Mulhall, rather than doing so, stops the fight. Staggering incompetence.

Winner: Ovince St. Preux, majority decision (30-28, 30-29, 29-29).

Rustam Khabilov vs. Yancy Medeiros

It's a spellchecker's nightmare as the 15-1 Russian Khabilov battles the 9-0 Hawaiian Medeiros. Khabilov looked dominant in his UFC debut and Medeiros has won most of his fights via KO/TKO.

Round 1. Medeiros keeps lunging in for punches while Khabilov is methodical and feeling out distance. Khabilov is very good about mixing up shots high and low. They clinch and Khabilov looks for a suplex. Medeiros lands on top of him. In the middle of a scramble, Medeiros dislocates his thumb and the fight is called off. That was quite the back-to-back pair of finishes.

Winner: Rustam Khabilov, TKO, round 1.

Jim Miller vs. Pat Healy

Miller is one of the most respected fighters in the lightweight division, a gritty perennial contender with a great ground game and toughness. Healy has had an unusual career. He has a lot of losses on his record from consistently testing himself throughout his career, but almost always puts up a tough fight. He won six straight fights in Strikeforce leading up to this fight, giving him tremendous momentum going into this contest.

Round 1. Healy lands a nice hook early but eats a hard counter as he moves in on Miller. Miller is the big crowd favorite as a New Jersey native. They clinch and Miller uses a trip takedown to ground Healy. Healy looks for an armbar from the bottom but doesn't have much of a grip on Miller. He transitions into an omoplata attempt but Miller is out of that too. As Healy gets up, Miller crucifixes his arms briefly and then looks for a kimura. He transitions into a straight armbar attempt but Healy has his hands nicely locked together and Miller gives it up. They return to the feet and Healy this time scores a takedown. Miller postures up for an armbar but doesn't come close and receives a series of punches from Healy. Miller stands back up but Healy slams him back to the mat impressively. Healy takes Miller's back but isn't able to get both of his hooks so Miller rolls out and takes top position. Healy looks for an armbar but doesn't get it and Miller lands some heavy punches at the close of the round. It looked like he might have been on the verge of knocking Healy out as the round came to a close. Very exciting first stanza. 10-9 Miller.

Round 2. They exchange punches to start the round and Healy closes in for a takedown. Miller defends it and they separate. Healy's face is a mess. Healy grabs a deep double leg and takes Miller down next to the cage. Healy goes to work, landing plenty of punches and elbows while preventing Miller from moving against the cage. Miller tries to stand up but in the process Healy tries to get a rear naked choke. Miller gets out of that but ends up on the bottom of Healy's mount. Miller nicely presses Healy off him and goes to take top position. That was another fun roung of nice ground work. 10-9 Healy.

Round 3. Miller dazes Healy with a punch early but Healy quickly answers with one of his own. Miller loads up a big uppercut but it doesn't connect flush. Miller knocks Healy down with an inside kick. Healy gets right back up and staggers Miller with a punch. He then presses Miller against the cage and gets a takedown. He looks to quickly capitalize with a number of punches from the top. He continues landing elbows and punches. Miller isn't able to answer back as Healy keeps the pressure on and keeps landing shots. He gets the hooks in, sinks in a rear naked choke, and referee Herb Dean stops the bout.

Winner: Pat Healy, submission, round 3.

If a funny moment, ring announcer Bruce Buffer accidentally announces Jim Miller as the winner and has to immediately correct himself.

Phil Davis vs. Vinny Magalhaes

Davis is one of the best light heavyweights in the world. His greatest strength is his wrestling but he has added excellent submissions to his game as well. Magalhaes is an interesting stylistic challenge as he is one of the world’s best jiu jitsu practitioners. The usually comfortable ground game could be dangerous territory for Davis here.

Round 1. Magalhes throws a series of kicks early. A couple of low kicks knock Davis' front leg back. He goes for a takedown. Davis blocks it and lands some knees from the clinch before releasing. Davis becomes more active with his offense and starts walking Magalhaes down. But then Davis gets over aggressive and Magalhaes catches him with a takedown as Davis moves in. Davis wiggles out of danger and stands back up. As the fight returns to the standup, the exchanges are relatively even. Davis is more active but Magalhaes' striking defense is solid. 10-9 Davis.

Round 2. After a series of jabs, Davis moves around Magalhaes and takes him down. However, Davis then stands back up. Davis lands a nice 1-2 punch combination that was one of his best of the fight. Davis keeps pressing forward with punches, but they rarely land with much impact. As Magalhaes throws a kick, Davis trips him and lets him back up. Davis connects with a hard punch to the body and then goes back upstairs. Magalhaes connects with a pair of low kicks. Davis lands some hard punches in the final minute of the round and blocks a takedown. Davis has taken over this fight. 10-9 Davis.

Round 3. The round progresses the same as the other two, with Davis walking down Magalhaes and throwing punches high and low. Magalhaes is able to block a large percentage but rarely answers back. Magalhaes looks to pull guard unsuccessfully. And they return to the same pattern. Magalhaes dives in for a takedown but doesn't come close. Davis keeps peppering away to the end. Lackluster fight to say the least. 10-9 Davis, 30-27 Davis.

Winner: Phil Davis, unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27).

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