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Tyson Gay gets OK to resume sprinting

The World Anti-Doping Agency clears sprinter Tyson Gay, who served a one-year ban after failing a drug test

American sprinter Tyson Gay -- banned for one year after failing a drug test -- has a green light to return to the track.

Gay received the relatively short punishment from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency in return for cooperating with authorities investigating his case. Still, the World Anti-Doping Agency might have appealed for a longer sanction.

But the WADA has now announced that it supports the USADA's decision.

"After careful review and scrutiny of the full case file, WADA is satisfied that Mr. Tyson Gay provided substantial assistance to USADA in an appropriate fashion," the international organization said in a statement, adding that the reduced ban is "compatible with the World Anti-Doping Code."

Tests found traces of anabolic steroids in Gay's system at the U.S. championships last year. Officials then handed down a retroactive punishment, annulling all of his results since July 2012.

Gay is expected to resume competing at a meet in Switzerland early next month.

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