A sullied part of Dodgers' history

Judging from his track record here, the longer Lo Duca remained with the team, the more players would have been on the juice.

The sour history of DePodesta's reign also may have to be somewhat rewritten.

But then, so will the history of the entire Dodgers team during that era.

You can no longer believe Gagne's record 84-game save streak. Sorry, it's as phony as he was.

You can no longer believe Lo Duca's 25 home runs and 90 runs batted in of 2001. Nice guy, but in the ethics department, he finishes last.

You can no longer believe Brown's 2.39 earned-run average in 2003. More memorable will be the temper tantrums that were, perhaps, 'roid rage.

It's a sad day in baseball, a sadder day in Chavez Ravine.

The best hope here is that owner Frank McCourt, whose reign began with the advent of steroid testing, has done enough housecleaning to rid the organization of all the pushers and poppers and punks.

That, and the fact that there is one notable Dodgers name that is not contained in the 409-page report. Believe me, I looked.

Jose Lima is not in there.

The Dodgers' only playoff win in 20 years still stands.

For now.

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