Los Angeles


Nobody outside of Jim Buss and Steve Nash's public comments thought the hiring of Mike D'Antoni was a good idea for the Lakers. Sure, fans wanted Phil Jackson to return, but Buss apparently didn't want that. Fine. But after a year and half of the D'Antoni experiment, is it finally time for all to admit that it's not working?

Granted, the Lakers have had more than their fair share of injuries, but D'Antoni's philosophy of basketball is not a winning recipe. D'Antoni's run-and-gun style might have been successful for three seasons in Phoenix, but it has been an abject failure everywhere else.

With the team's pedigree, the Lakers ought to be able to hire a decent coach. But Jim Buss has proven with his two hires (Mike Brown and D'Antoni) that he is as lost as his team's style of play.

Time for Buss to step down and let his sister run the team. The Lakers need a coach who can implement a proven system of play rather than a gimmick.

Brian C. Gura

Redondo Beach


Maybe Mike Brown could use an assistant in Cleveland.

Sterling Buckingham

Canyon Country

The other guys

I'm a Clippers fan and I understand their defense is improving, but I have to ask about an article praising DeAndre Jordan's defense the day after the Timberwolves' two big men went for 79 points and 33 rebounds. I doubt those guys came off the floor thinking, "I guess that's what it was like to play against Bill Russell."

Bert Bergen

La Cañada


Matt Barnes, if Stephen Jackson is your voice of reason and has to step in and calm you down, you may have some serious issues.

Reggie Boyle

Thousand Oaks