Pete Cowles

Newport Beach


If anyone wants to watch a team sport like basketball played like an individual sports event, go see a Lakers game. The Lakers lost Kobe Bryant to injury, but now have a ball-hogging duo in Nick Young and Xavier Henry. They relish Mike D'Antoni's style of run and shoot. Forget about playing defense, playmaking, moving the ball and looking for the open man.

The Lakers really don't need a coach. Just someone to keep time on each player to make the substitutions.

Rogelio Peña



Nick Young did his best Saturday night to secure the next $20-million-plus contract from Lakers by emulating Kobe: a five-for-18, zero-assist, four-turnover, one-on-one, offense-destroying performance that was a chief cause of the Lakers' loss. If Young continues to play like that, there's no need for Kobe to rush back from his latest injury. There won't be any chemistry for Kobe to disrupt.

Ray McKown

Los Angeles


The Lakers' problems can be summed up by poor management decisions. The fact they have chosen to ignore the age and injury-prone realities in their players is just pure negligence . Instead of wasting time and money on past glory dreams, they should have spent more time and money on working on a franchise for the future.

The old saying, "You reap what you sow," is a perfect fit for the present-day Lakers.

Joe Martinez

El Segundo


In the great line from the classic "Cool Hand Luke": "What we have here is a failure to communicate." When players and coaches complain to the media about each other, it is only a matter of time before the players stop playing for the coach — which is where the Lakers find themselves.

Injuries will heal. Attitudes will not. Time for a coaching change now if the Lakers hope to return to their winning ways before this season is a total loss.

Laurence Cohen