Colorful character

COLORFUL CHARACTER: Roger Clemens, left, confers with attorney Rusty Hardin during a Jan. 7 news conference. (Getty Images)

Green Bay has its Packers, but whether the season ends today or in two weeks after the Super Bowl, fans will still have their fishing.

The pastime "is a prominent part of the North Woods culture, as are beer, cheese and Green Bay Packers football," reports the February issue of Field & Stream.

Throughout Wisconsin, the magazine adds, "they might as well staple fishing licenses to birth certificates."

Trivia time

Who were the two wide receivers taken before Jerry Rice in the 1985 NFL draft?

Super scalpers

Scalpers have been loitering outside the Arizona Cardinals' training facility in Tempe trying to buy Super Bowl tickets from season-ticket holders who qualified for admission to the Feb. 3 game in Glendale, Ariz.

According to the Arizona Republic, one scalper said he'd pay $2,500 for a $700 face-value ticket and still make a $500 profit.

Said another: "I say these people deserve to get something for their season tickets besides having had to spend all fall watching a team that never goes nowhere."

Zevon remembered

From Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe:

"In the spirit of this year's Patriots, I wrote a column a few weeks back about things that are 'perfect' and inexplicably omitted Warren Zevon's werewolf drinking a piña colada at Trader Vic's.

"The werewolf's hair, of course, was perfect."

A real sleeper

Bill Sharman was a guest at a recent charity function for the Toberman Neighborhood Center in San Pedro and recalled the 1971-72 Lakers team that won a record 33 games in a row, including the NBA championship.

Before the season, Sharman, as coach, convinced his players that morning shoot-arounds would be beneficial on the day of games, but one was not easily swayed.

Responded Wilt Chamberlain: "You know, Coach, I don't get up before noon."

Farm league

The Oklahoma City Blazers on Friday night gave away a cow valued at $2,500, along with a lamb, a goat and a pig, to four lucky ticket-holders at their minor league hockey game against the Laredo Bucks.