Administrator4: UFC light-heavyweight champion is here and ready for your questions. Who's here and ready to take on the Iceman?

topstryker: Here

Lakermark: Chuck, when you faught Quinton Jackson, the punch before the actual punch that knocked you down looked like it did the most damage, was that the case?

Chuck Liddell: No, not at all. It was the right hook that hit me.

Jerry: Does Dana white pay the fighters a fare wage? Particularly the younger guys.

Chuck Liddell: Against what, what do you base it against? That's a hard one to answer. What are you judging it against? Boxing? 100 dollars a round? If he's not paying them fair, why don't they fight somewhere else? It's a free market, and there's smaller shows, for younger guys.

Fred: Fred is here

banger: hi chuck, i was just wondering if you'd be using the same tactic you used on couture, since rashad is also a wrestler?

Chuck Liddell: If you can explain what tactic that is? Yeah, I'll be defending punches and kicks, yes.

Patrick: Rashad says he's willing to stand with you which I don't buy, but his wrestling seems stronger then Tito's. Are you diong anything different to train for his takedowns for 3 rounds which can be exhausting?

Chuck Liddell: Well, how does someone say his wrerstling is stronger than Tito's. It didn't seem like it in their fight. I'm trained to deal with wrestlers better than Rashad.

Carl Winslow: I have a question. How about the match with SHogun. When do you think that might happen?

Chuck Liddell: You know, he's having knee surgery. I'm willing to do it whenever. But we have to see when he's ready, and if he wants to fight me then, too.

Fred: hey chuck! how did you like being on the show Entourage? do you think you might persue acting after the UFC?

Chuck Liddell: Yeah, i'm definitely going to try when I'm done fighting. I enjoyed doing it wile I did. I just hope my fighting career lasts a lot longer.

topstryker: Which fighter do you want to fight the most? And why?

Administrator4: We have a lot of questions and Chuck will get to everyone's as soon as possible. Please keep asking.

Chuck Liddell: Quinton, because i haven't beat him. He's beat me twice. And he took my title from me. Obviously, it's one of those fights, I think I can win. I match up well with him, but I've managed to lose twice.

Carl Winslow: Any talk about a remath between you and Wanderlei? You were Very impressive in your first match.