Getty Images for NASCAR

Getty Images for NASCAR (November 18, 2012)

Okay I get it, the idea of a NASCAR driver having a cell phone in his car at 200 MPH sends all the wrong messages. I understand why they say no cell phones in the cars.

But here's the rub for me, there isn't a person that spend more than 5 minutes around the sport that didn't know that Brad Keselowski had his cell phone in his car. So why wait until the second to the last race of the season to fine him for doing so?

Just last month when ESPN asked NASCAR Vice-President Steve O'Donnell about Keselowski and his red flag use of twitter in the Daytona 500 he said:

"I think a lot of it was seeing the reaction from race fans. He’s a champion of social media and one of the guys the fans have come to like and we like what he’s doing in that space. Our ultimate goal is to bring people into the driver's seat during the event as possible -- show them what’s going on and give them access. There are always challenges that may creep in as to what does or does not create a competitive advantage for one team. We don’t want to upset that balance, but the more information we can bring to the race fans that we can, we will. We’ve got to do it in a smart way."

Does that sound like a racing body upset because a driver is sending out a tweet under a red flag. I know that NASCAR said no phones in the car after Daytona, but again, they new that it continued to happen and yet they did nothing, until last week.

Maybe it's because, they didn't really like what happened yesterday in Phoenix, and Keselowski helped draw attention to the face something wild was going on. And then it didn't help matters that he jumped out of the car as the series points leader and proceeded to blast the behavior of other drivers on the track.

"It just drives me absolutely crazy that I get lambasted for racing somebody hard without there even being a wreck and then you see stuff like this ... from the same people that criticized me," he said. "It's OK to just take somebody out. But you race somebody hard, put a fender on somebody and try to go for the win, and you're an absolute villain. We can just go out and retaliate against each other and come back in and smile about it, and it's fine. That's not what this sport needs. It needs hard racing, it needs people that go for broke, try to win races and put it all out there on the line. Not a bunch of people that have anger issues."

You will probably never be able to put me in the Brad Keselowski fan file, but I do have a lot of respect for what he has accomplished. I also don't like it when I can't see a good rhyme or reason as so why a man is fined $25,000, even a really rich one.