Bowyer on the Backstretch

Bowyer on the Backstretch (May 30, 2013)

Boy did Clint Bowyer need this weekend's road race. It's hard to even think that way about a dirt racer from Kansas, especially since he hasn't finished out of the top 20 at a race in quite some time. But Clint Bowyer need that top 10 finish at Watkins Glen.

Bowyer gained two points on leader Jimmie Johnson and while that may not seem like a lot, every point is important heading toward the chase, especially since he doesn't have a win. The higher in the points he is now, the higher he will be when the Chase starts and the drivers are reseeded. Plus, if Bowyer can get a win in these final few races before the chase then his points position now becomes even more important. Just don't ask Bowyer about it.

"I’m pretty superstitious when it comes to talking about anything related to (the Chase) until I know for sure if I’m going to be there," said Bowyer. "I like our chances, but at the same time a lot can happen in the next couple races. One or two things go the wrong way and we’ll be back fighting for our spot. If and/or when we are fortunate enough to be racing for a championship I’ll answer any questions you have, but right now I’d rather just focus on the race at Michigan this weekend."

Yes Michigan, Bowyer has quite a sorted past with the two mile intermediate track. Early in his career the Kansas Kid has a rough relationship the MIS. But he seems to have figured it out. He has five straight top tens in Michigan including a seventh place finish back in June.

"That was a crazy day," said Bowyer.  "We got off to a rough start in the 5-hour ENERGY Toyota.  We worked on it all day long and made the absolute best of the situation we were in.  All in all it turned out to be a pretty decent points day for us."

Another top ten would be nice, a top five or a win even better and he will just let the chase chips fall were they may.

"Everyone (but the leader) falls back a little bit," said Bowyer.

So right now he has one focus adding a win to his impressive resume this season.

"I’d rather just focus on the race at Michigan this weekend and trying to get our 5-hour ENERGY Toyota to victory lane. Michigan is big for 5-hour ENERGY since they are based in Michigan and that is my focus right now more than anything else.”