Austin Bahner is the greatest decathlete in Wichita State University history.  He was only points away from the MVC record this year and currently holds the school record with 7,847 points. A title Bahner says he wears proudly.

“I just work as hard as I can,” He said. “It just takes a freak athlete to do a multi you can ask any decathlete or guy and he’ll say that it’s so hard and it really takes a lot of work. You have to love it.”

Bahner was recruited by WSU to triple jump – but head coach Steve Rainbolt saw something special.

“Within a month after being on campus I pulled him aside at practice one day and said if we don’t have you as first team All-American in the decathlon we will have underachieved,” Rainbolt said.  “I don’t pull every guy aside and just say that to them I can assure you. Athleticism and speed are the reasons that I could see from the start that he had the potential to be really, really good.”

He was right. In an eight week period – Bahner competed in four decathlons - taking seventh in the NCAA Championships and tenth in the US championships. At the end of the month Bahner will set himself even further apart when he puts on the uniform to compete for Team USA.

“It feels like a dream come true,” Bahner said. “I was like, ‘Man, I get to put on a Team USA uniform for the first time.’ It’s been a blessing.”

Bahner will represent the USA Thorpe Cup Team as they take on Germany on July 27-28 in Chula Vista, CA.

“The decathlon was my event as an athlete,” Rainbolt said. “All of us guys that do that event dream of things like this. It’s absolutely huge. It’s also huge for our program also obviously. It’s really exciting but I’m looking forward to just watching the meet and helping him through it the best I can. It’s a huge accomplishment for Austin and it’s also a big accomplishment for our team and our program.”