Those of us who live in the state of Kansas already consider Wichita State the bell of the ball. And the Shockers would be a full out NCAA Cinderella, if not for one school.  That would be Florida Gulf Coast.

Okay quick NCAA trivia. FGCU made the sweet 16 as a 15 seeded team. Before them what was the highest team to make the round of 16? It's a question that is easy for me, because I lived there for 10 years...Its the Chattanooga Mocs in 1997. They were a 14 seed.The Scrappy Mocs knocked off number 3 seed Georgia and number 6 Illinois before falling to 10th seed Providence.
Th Shockers have beaten a 9 and a one seed. The Eagles on the other hand have beaten a number 2 seed in Georgetown and a 7 seed on San Jose State.
"Things have certainly changed in a week,' said FGCU head coach Andy Enfield. "We knew going into the Georgetown game we could win the game. We were prepare to win it just kike another game on out schedule."
But just like any other mid- major that advanced this far in the NCAA tournament. You expect more.

"We did make history," FGCU point guard Brent Comer said. "No 15 seed has done this. We feel like we shocked the world. Nobody picked us to beat Georgetown or San Diego State."
Of coure with number3 seed and ub state rivals Florida waiting in the winnings, the challenge jst got even greater. That's is for a team that knocked off number 2 in the first round.
"We're going to try to win again," FGCU point guard Brent  Comer said. "We didn't come just to play one game or two games. We're coming out to compete and go as far as we can."
Florida Gulf Coast was founded in in 1997 and played its first DI game two seasons ago, and they lost 20 games..just think about that.