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Giants Fan Bryan Stow Able to Write His Name

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SAN FRANCISCO (KTLA) -- Another major milestone for Bryan Stow, the Giants fan who was severely beaten outside Dodger Stadium 6 months ago.

The 42-year old paramedic Bryan Stow has written his name, his family said Wednesday.

"This picture speaks volumes and we are so proud of him," the family wrote on its blog, alongside a picture showing Stow's handwritten name.

Stow continues to show improvement.

"His memory, while often times off, is incredible for his type of injury," his family stated.

"His answers are sometimes wrong, but the fact that they are right most of the time is amazing. Sometimes, we see a difference in his personality but other times, his old self shines through."

Stow, a father of two, suffered a severe skull fracture and bruising to his frontal lobe when he was attacked while walking through the Dodger Stadium parking lot.

The suspects in the case, Louie Sanchez, 29, and Marvin Norwood, 30, have pleaded not guilty to charges of felony assault, battery and mayhem.

Stow suffered a serious brain injury in the attack and was in a coma for months.

Last week, the Dodgers were criticized for suggesting that Stow might have been partly to blame for the beating that left him in a coma, citing the fact that he had been drinking.

Lawyers for Stow's family expressed outrage over the comments, saying that Dodgers' owner Frank McCourt is trying to shift focus away from what they consider poor security at the stadium.

"How you are judged in life is how you react after mistakes," said attorney Thomas Girardi. "Oh so here it is: Let's blame the innocent guy for the lack of security at Dodger Stadium."

Graphic details about the attack were released in court documents during a bail reduction hearing for Stow beating suspect Louie Sanchez.

The documents allege Sanchez took part in four assaults that day culminating in the attack on Stow.

Prosecutors say Sanchez threw a soda at a woman, then ran up to a group of young Giants fans and swung a fist at one, then approached Bryan Stow and his friends.

"Stow was facing defendant Norwood when Sanchez ran up behind Stow and punched him in the side of the head," the document states.

"Stow's friends, who are paramedics, say Stow immediately lost consciousness and fell sideways to the ground without breaking his fall. When Stow's head hit the ground witnesses heard his head impact the concrete and saw it bounce."

Sanchez then allegedly continued to kick the unconscious Stow several times in the head while his friends tried to shield him with their bodies.

Norwood is also accused of kicking Stow then standing over his body and asking, "Who else wants to fight?"

You can donate directly to his to Stow's fundraising account by going to one of the banks listed at this site and make a deposit: Act #118881

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