Guys not playing through the whistle, fumbling the football, dropping passes are all things the Chargers did against the New England Patriots on Sunday in a 23-20 loss.

Why? Quite frankly, some of the Chargers just aren't ready for the NFL.

"Unfortunately, we've had some people handling the ball who shouldn't be handling the ball," Chargers coach Norv Turner said Monday. "They probably aren't ready to play. We've put them in because we thought they could give us a play."

Turner spoke specifically about rookie receiver Richard Goodman and tight end Kris Wilson who both fumbled against the Patriots.

Yet, veteran Philip Rivers also threw an interception. As a captain and the quarterback, Rivers sid any chance at turning around this 2-5 start begins with him.

"I feel a great responsibility to help this team and help give this team a chance to go win and continue to pursue the goals we set out from week one and training camp and way back to April," Rivers said.

Both Turner and Rivers said that on the practice field during the week, the Chargers emphasize holding on to the football. With all the turnovers they've had, 18 in seven games, linebacker Stephen Cooper said the defense now needs to help the offense.

"I talked with Shaun Phillips about it a little bit (on Sunday)," Cooper said. "About just getting the defense to understand that we have to help the offense get better and that's protecting the ball. So, we have to make sure we do that in practice and try to get the defensive scout team to get the ball out. Just help the offensive players understand that's the most important part of the game."

The Patriots understand that. They didn't turn the ball over against the Chargers, partly because New England's coach Bill Belichick dishes out punishment.

"He always talks about eliminating bad football and that's stuff Foxboro High School can complete," said Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. "Wide open throws or snap count violations or line up in wrong position or dropping the ball when you haven't been touched - those type of things, coach is pretty tough on us. The day we start training camp, we all run laps around the field, you guys see us, for stupid plays like that."

So maybe the Chargers need to run laps if they make a stupid play.

"Running laps isn't going to get anything," Cooper said. "We're all grown men. You have to understand that you have to hold onto the ball to score points. Running laps isn't going to help you hold onto the ball."

But it has helped the Patriots win three Super Bowls. Just a thought.