As you can see my price was wrong. But this Price is right.

This is Q It Up Sports, I’m Aaron Levine.

We start by putting our Bud Light Spotlight on our favorite game show, since it reminds us of two people – host Drew Carey, and Huskies quarterback Keith Price.

Let’s start with Price, who leads the nation – yes, nation – with 14 touchdown passes so far this season.

Price could be the surprise of the year when it comes to local sports. Given the knee injuries and scrutiny of following in Jake Locker’s footsteps, all Price has done is continue to smile and handle his business. Rarely does a brand new starting QB thrive as well as price has – making plays under duress, avoiding critical mistakes, and looking every bit of a leader along the way.

While the defense preserved yesterday’s win a memorable goal-line stand and despite a rash of injuries, “they still drive me crazy!” And they’re still ranked 108th in the country out of 120 teams in yards allowed per game. But they did just enough to make us forget their shortcomings for one more week – and instead give Price the credit he’s due.

As the heart of the Pac-12 schedule awaits, Husky fans can find comfort in knowing price is a rising star with a higher ceiling than most thought – a guy who likely won’t lose them games and a guy with an apparently good fashion sense.

Yes, he wore this shirt to a press conference a couple weeks back – and well, I own it too.

As for the current host of the price is right, Carey was in Vancouver last night to watch the Sounders win their first Cascadia Cup in the MLS era. Although it’s just a regional award, the franchise continues to fill up their trophy case faster than any other professional team in our area, and do so under the toughest of conditions.

They’re winning in Mexico and Costa Rica and now Canada. They’re a win away from their third straight U.S. Open Cup and might even contend for an MLS Cup as well.

Rarely do you find a franchise that makes all the right moves – and finds the success that it has – in this short a time.

If playing their reserves in the second half of what turned out to be an embarrassing loss to Manchester United is the worst mistake they’ll ever make, so be it. Continue to make the strides they are, and their international reputation in another decade will surprise us all.

Props to Carey – but especially the Sounders front office and coaching staff. Navigating through three different schedules in the same season, and consistently coming out on top. The class of our local sports framework? The Sounders are certainly it.

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