We start by putting our Bud Light Spotlight on the Seahawks – and whether I need this hammer to remodel the franchise.

The answer – for the most part – is no.

So far, General Manager John Schneider has done just fine - in most areas except for quarterback.

Go down the list of draft picks, and the majority have impressed: Earl Thomas. Kam Chancellor. Richard Sherman. KJ Wright. Guys that are quickly becoming impact leaders. Even the offensive linemen – Russell Okung, John Moffitt and James Carpenter – are coming into their own. Sure, Golden Tate might’ve been a bust, but the trend, regardless of team results, is up.

The same can be said for the trades made for Chris Clemons and Marshawn Lynch, or free agent signees Sidney Rice and Robert Gallery. Zach Miller has been questionable so far, but hopefully this coaching staff can start utilizing him the way he should – in the open field, catching balls – not in blocking situations or standing on the sideline. 

I also love the fire of the best undrafted rookie free agent signing in the league – receiver Doug Baldwin, who continues to lead the team in catches. The Seahawks had no chance of winning today with less than 30 seconds left, and Baldwin went after the ball like it was his last meal. It was a terrible call in which Baldwin’s effort should’ve been rewarded. The Seahawks front office should be commended for signing him too.

But right now, the franchise is 2-6, and sits under the cloud of their two moves at the most important position of all. The Seahawks whiffed on Charlie Whitehurst – and are whiffing on Tarvaris Jackson too. It’s further clouded when Pete Carroll says he sees T-Jack as a future quarterback for this team, and then he goes out and throws three interceptions.

If the Seahawks had a competent quarterback this season, they’d be a 500 team, and maybe even better. They would’ve beaten Cleveland on the road, and likely Dallas today. They would’ve had a chance against Atlanta and Cincinnati at home. But neither Whitehurst nor Jackson have gotten it done – and the team’s season is now pretty much done.

Any quarterback controversy is now irrelevant. The focus should now be on the future: the quarterback this team picks in next year’s draft to be the centerpiece of the organization.

John Schneider knows this. Carroll should too. And if a QB doesn’t come in next year’s draft, ESPN’s John Clayton said it best: this coaching staff will be on its way out.

After all, as of late, the man at the top hasn’t gained many fans. 21 penalties in the last two games accounts for a lack of discipline. We’ve seen timeouts due to wrong personnel on the field and failed decisions to go for touchdowns at the end of the half. A QB decision to start Charlie Whitehurst at the start of last week’s game that some still don’t understand.

As a fan, I still believe that the future of this franchise is bright. I still believe that the foundation and state of the organization is strong. But the road is bumpier than many of us thought. As for who to blame for their current woes? I’ll leave that up to you.