New book highlights lists of the best, worst, and weirdest moments in Seattle sports including some by local icons and personalities

Great Book of Seattle Sports Lists by Mike Gastineau, Steve Rudman, and Art Thiel. $14.95 (photo courtesy: Running Press Book Publishers) (May 4, 2009)

A new book of lists by three Seattle sports journalists could change the way you look at Northwest sports athletes, personalities, and more forever.

"The Great Book of Seattle Sports Lists" calls itself "the most amusing, comprehensive and confounding chronicle of the sports history of Seattle and Washington State" and is authored by radio talk show host Mike Gastineau, and writer Steve Rudman and Art Thiel.

Monday night on Q It Up Sports, Aaron Levine will do a special report on the book's release and a local signing by taking a look at lists by Ichiro, who weighs in on the oddities of American baseball, Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, who tells us what he has to have at training camp, Seattle Storm's Sue Bird gives us the worst pick-up lines ever used on her, and former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren, who lists the top eight times he wanted to challenge a call.

Here are a few other snippets from the book ($14.95, May 2009 Release, Running Press:

Under the "Top 7 Things That Caused Me To Say "My Oh My!" by Dave Niehaus"

4. Helping Lou Piniella with his crossword puzzle. "We lost a tough game in Boston on a hit and run that backfired. We were on our way home, flying across country. I had introduced him to crossword puzzles. So he comes down the aisle of the plane still upset about the game, complaining about how we lost. Then he says, 'By the way, the clue is 'movie alien,' and it's only two letters,' and I said, 'ET, Lou. ET." And he says, "How do you spell that?"

Under "Things To Avoid at the Hydro Races by Chip Hanauer"

8. Approaching a seagull in a boat far faster than seagulls are used to dealing with. "Seagulls are arrogant birds, practiced and confident in timing their watery take off. They are used to seeing boats approaching them at not more than 20 mph. Just as your boat arrives, they take off and gently bank to one side, allowing your boat to pass harmlessly, with only a few feet to spare. A boat approaching 10 times faster throws timing off lethally..."

Under " NFL Receivers Who Won't Shut Up by Marcus Trufant"

" Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers lets you know that he's on the field, and lets you know when he catches the ball. A spark plug, and he's all over the field."

Under "Remarkable Postponements and Delays"

6. What part of "wet paint" don't you understand? April 11, 1969. "In advance of the arrival of major league baseball in Seattle, workers began refurbishing - and expanding - Sicks' Stadium months before the April 11 Pilots' season opener. But by Opening Day, only 6,000 new seats had been added, less than half the number that was supposed to be installed. As the Pilots took the field for the first home game in franchise history, many fans had to wait outside while seats were put into place (some didn't get inside the stadium until the third inning). Those who did get in found workers still hammering nails and applying paint.

You can find "The Great Book of Seattle Sports Lists" in most bookstores and online at such outlets as