For a coach usually guarded with his answers to questions, Jim Caldwell had a little fun with an inquiry on Tuesday afternoon.

It concerned the talented but often tempermental Randy Moss, who saw his brief time in Minnesota end with his placement on waivers on Monday afternoon.

When asked if the Colts might have interest in the receiver, the coach didn't completely dismiss it as some might have thought.

"I've just learned to say never say never about anything because you just don't know," said Caldwell about the chances of his team picking up Moss. "Never say never, that's the point I'm making not necessarily from an interest level but whether or not he would ever play for us. I think that's often time the question you would ask."

Such a scenario can't be dismissed considering the Colts are thin at receiver with the season-ending injury to Dallas Clark, the long term thumb injury to Austin Collie and the continued problems with Anthony Gonzalez's ankle.

The move, however, would be counter of the Colts philosophy in recent years to bring players up through their system rather than make a splash with free agent signings.

"It just depends on who fits within our system, the system isn't like anyone elses," said Caldwell speaking of someone coming into the Colts offense. "It's one where there are a lot of nuiances to it, its not one where you can easily just walk in and perform.

"It takes a little while to catch up."

While the Moss scenario is likely a long shot, the odds of the Colts facing another talented buy polarizing figure in the NFL are much greater on Sunday.

Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick has been practicing this week for the Eagles after missing most of October with a rib cartilage injury and is expect to start against the Colts at Lincoln Financial Field.

His athletic ability make him a unique and problematic matchup for defenses, one that Caldwell is weary of.

"He's a totally different entity than anyone we've seen at that position at this point," said Caldwell of Vick. "There are quarterbacks that can run, (Washington quarterback Donovan) McNabb is a guy that can run, that can extend plays, he does it with power, you hit him, he bounces off you, big guy.

"In this particular case, Michael Vick can extend plays and does it with speed and not only that, much like McNabb, he can hurt you down the field, because when he gets out in the open field he's a handful."

On top of that, the Colts will have one less day to prepare for the Eagles thanks to their Monday night contest with the Texans. Its as situation faced before the with the Colts considering the number of appearances on a weeknight the past few seasons.

"There's a way we go about it. Typically we just look back at previous schedules that we've done before and utilize those as our baseline," said Caldwell of planning for the six-day week. "But every years is different, the nature of the health of the team, all of those things have to be taken into consideration.

"So what I'll do is I'll take a look at it and I'll modify it."