In a city where he helped a team rally back from the bottom of the NFL, Tony Dungy has returned to salute those who've done their share of coming back over the past few years.

The former Indianapolis Colts head coach was the keynote speaker for the Methodist Sports Medicine Thomas A. Brady Awards tonight in downtown Indianapolis.

Thursday's event was sponsored by Fox 59 and honored a male and female athlete from college and high school who has overcome a serious health problem to return to their respective sport.

This year's award winners include Purdue running back Jaycen Taylor, who overcame a multitude of injuries in his Boilermakers career. Indiana's Cassidy Kahn is the femal recipient of the award, who overcame bacterial infection necrotizing faciitis and 11 surgeries to return to diving for the Hoosiers.

Southridge wrestler Cleat Winkler received the award for male high school athlete, as he beat brain cancer to return to wrestling. Connersville swimmer Eliza Jacobs-Brichford took home the female award as she overcame epilepsy to continue swimming for the Spartans.

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