It's played so much in stadiums now that it's borderline annoying.

"I've got a feeling," has earned the Black Eyed Peas plenty of notoriety, since the song is played at almost any sporting event in the country.

Many in Sun Life Stadium Sunday heard it played during Super Bowl XLIV, tell everyone that the single has a feeling that "Tonight's gonna be a good, good, night."

Dallas Clark sure had that as he came out of the locker room in the second half, only it wasn't so well intentioned.

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"We kind of had a feeling something was kind of going to..they were going to try to do something," said Clark of the New Orleans Saints, who were sluggish in the first half and had fallen behind 10-6 to the Colts at halftime. "They just really weren't getting anything going offensively and things like that, so they had to get a spark somehow."

Looks like that feeling caught on with Sean Payton.

"Well, we were going to be aggressive," said the Saints coach of the second half. "We felt like it was a little bit of a mess of short plays. We've seen the onside kick all week and guys executed it well."

Especially on the second half kickoff, when a clever fake gave the Colts' receiver a feeling like this was any other kick. Thomas Morestead sold the fake by running to the ball, but quickly swung his leg to the left, dribbling the bouncing ball at a surprised Indianapolis receiving team.

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Hank Baskett had the best shot at it, but he couldn't corral it going down, and in the ensuing scrum the Saints came out with the ball and possession to start the seconds half.

"We had a shot at it to recover it. We just didn't get it done," said Colts head coach Jim Caldwell. "It's one of those things, one of those bang-bang plays and a big massive pile and it looked like he had it initially in the pile.

"But when it was all said and done, they felt someone else had possession."

For those in the stands and perhaps on the Saints sidelines, it seemed as if the Colts has were the ones who were knocked back on their heels.

"It was a big play either way," said Clark of the onside kick. "If we would have gotten it, it would have been nice field position. They executed it and went down and scored."

That came on a 16-yard touchdown catch and run by Pierre Thomas to give the Saints the lead following the kick, which turned the momentum away from the Colts and set forth that they were willing to win at all costs in their first Super Bowl game in franchise history.

"It was a huge play, man, it was a gutsy call," said defensive tackle Daniel Muir of the onside kick. "They executed what they planned and hats off to them."

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Others, however, weren't so ready to admit it changed the game, even thought it led to them being outscored by 18 in the second half.

"It's not my decision, man," said receiver Reggie Wayne. "I'm the one that's over there with my lip puffed out so apparently it was a good call.”