Jerry Bossert-New York Daily News

  1. Bodemeister. He’s the main speed in a shorter distance, which I think will play to his favor.
  2. Daddy Nose Best
  3. Creative Cause

Jennie Rees-Louisville Courier-Journal

  1. I’ll Have Another. He’s versatile as well as good.
  2. Bodemeister
  3. Cozzetti

Tim Wilkin-Albany Times-Union

  1. I’ll Have Another- Derby winner will run down Bodemeister at the end again.
  2. Creative Cause
  3. Bodemeister

Tim Layden-Sports Illustrated

  1. Bodemeister. I believed in him in the Derby and I haven’t lost faith.
  2. I’ll Have Another
  3. Went the Day Well

Dave Grening-Daily Racing Form

  1. Went the Day Well-He can rebound from poor start in Kentucky Derby
  2. I’ll Have Another
  3. Bodemeister

Claire Novak-Freelancer,

  1. Bodemeister-If Derby didn’t take too much out of him, Bodemeister should romp.
  2. Went the Day Well
  3. I’ll Have Another

Scott Hazelton-HRTV analyst

  1. Daddy Nose Best
  2. Went the Day Well
  3. Bodemeister