I'm one of the captains — me, Carly Ross and Kaylin Ziemba. I like to motivate our team. We're all motivators. We try to get our team up whenever we're down. I remember last year, I wasn't a captain, but it was our (IAAM A Conference tournament) semifinal game against Roland Park and we were losing 6-0. Me and Carly were like, "We've got to get our team pumped up." So we just tried to create plays for other people, force it to goal a little bit just because we wanted to get to goal to get our team pumped up.

As a senior, what additional leadership roles are you called upon to play?

I feel like just being a captain is different than just being on the team. You have to set the example. Before, it wasn't like I necessarily had to, but I wanted to. This year, the younger kids are looking up to me, so I have to realize everything I'm doing is being watched by other players. I need to make sure that it's a good example.

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What are you looking forward to most about college lacrosse?

I'm looking forward to how it's going to be faster and I feel like that's something to be worried about too. I'm going to have to adjust to that, but I feel like it's a whole different game. It's going to be more exciting having a lot more fans coming to the games, because we don't have that many. Having a new set of coaches is going to be cool. I'm especially excited to be coached by Caitlyn McFadden. She was so great at Maryland.

Why did you choose Florida?

First, I really like the weather down south (laughs). I feel like I play better in the warm weather. I really liked the school. I went three times before I made my decision. The palm trees — I love palm trees. When I finally got to meet the coaches, they were all so nice and funny and when I went on my overnight with the girls, they were so nice. I got along with them really well. I was like, "I can really see myself here."

Florida is going to have a lot of seniors next year, so are you prepared to wait your turn if necessary?

I'm expecting that. That's one thing my parents have told me, "Don't expect to play a lot. Work hard and try to see as much field as you can, but don't be disappointed when you don't get as much playing time as you normally do." There's so many good players at Florida.

Isn't that going to be tough for someone who's as competitive as you are?

It is going to be tough. I hate being on the sidelines watching. I wish I could be out there and make a difference, but as a freshman (at Maryvale), I got taken out a little bit, not a ton, but I know the feeling. I don't like the feeling, but I know it's something I'm going to have to do. It's probably not going to be only me, so at least I'll have my friends to be with me and deal with that too.

What are you most looking forward to about graduation?

Summer. I am so excited just to be able to be free and be with my friends. It's the first summer since like fifth grade that I don't have tournaments to go to. As much as I love tournaments, it'll be fun to have one summer to relax.

What day of your sporting life would you most like to live over?

Any time that we play McDonogh, because I think it would be the coolest thing ever to be able to beat them. I feel like everyone just expects them to win. We were playing Dulaney the other day and the ref asked me, "How's your season going so far?" and I was like, "We lost three games, like McDonogh." He was like, "Well, that's expected." It would be cool to beat them as such underdogs. I feel like we have the ability, but I feel like they get in our heads.


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