Most varsity baseball games and many other sports events scheduled for Monday are being postponed in the area because of the heavy rain over the weekend.

At No. 7 C. Milton Wright, baseball coach Joe Stetka said his team's game with Harford County rival No. 8 Patterson Mill is being rescheduled for Tuesday.

The same is true at No. 11 Hereford, where the Bulls will now play Dulaney on Tuesday and No. 13 River Hill will be at No. 3 Glenelg tomorrow, as well.

Other sports are also being moved. The Centennial/Atholton track meet at Glenelg has also been postponed to April 30, at 3:30 p.m.

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Fans are advised to contact schools for sports they are interested in before heading out to games, meets and matches this afternoon.

C. Milton Wright might welcome an extra day to regroup from a two-loss week.

The Mustangs lost to Bel Air, 15-4, and to Salesianum, Del., 5-0. But Stetka said he is not disappointed by the two losses.

"Harford County baseball is up this year," Stetka said. "Bel Air is a decent team. And Salesianum, Del., is very, very good. I like a strong schedule. It gets everybody ready for the playoffs. It would be nice to win your league, but that's not what were playing for.

"We have Gilman and Westminster coming up (May 4 and 7, respectively) and games like the ones we've just played will make us better. Our pitching is coming round now - believe it or not. We're just waiting for a fight at the bat rack to get our hitters going."