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Varsity Letters

Sloppy conditions cut short Dulaney's 19-4 win over Dundalk

The Baltimore Sun

Dulaney and Dundalk had been playing for nearly 2½ hours and the light was beginning to fade early Wednesday evening at the CCBC-Dundalk baseball field.

There were two out in the top of the fourth inning and Dulaney’s Lions were winning 19-4 with runners at first and third. The batter’s box was a gooey mess and the pitcher’s mound looked like a mudslide, due to the rain that fell before and during the game.

Dundalk coach Brian Powell suggested the two sides call it a day and Dulaney coach Ryan Wolfsheimer agreed and everyone shook hands.

“Safety was becoming an issue,” Powell said. “The mound was pretty bad; in the late going it was hard for the pitchers to get traction. For safety and the betterment of the game, I thought we should stop. It was a close game at 6-4 in the second inning, then everyone started to struggle.”

It was Dulaney's (9-2-1) second lopsided victory this week, having beaten their division rival Kenwood, 25-3 on Monday.  But this one, said right fielder Bryce Harrison, who had two singles, two walks and two runs scored, seemed longer.

“At least we could hit in the Kenwood game,” he said.  “This game, the way it started, I thought it was going to be really tight.”

Against Dundalk Harrison was one of four players to hit singles, while Devin Conroy tripled, Tyler Marvel doubled and 10 other players collected a total of 16 walks in 3 2/3rds innings.

The game started with Dundalk pitcher Zyle Babcock getting three quick outs. Then the Owls went to bat. Babcock led off with a double and scored before Dulaney turned a neat double play as second baseman Sheridan Doan flipped the ball to shortstop Ryan Bartenfelder, who in turn threw to first baseman Kurtis Ewers to end the inning.

But then, finding the strike zone became a problem.  Dulaney sent 12 batters to the plate and scored six runs in the top of the second and Dundalk (5-4) sent nine and scored three in the bottom of the inning. It was after that things got bad.

Dulaney, which is tied with Hereford for first in the County’s Division 1 viewed the game as another chance to improve.

“We looked at it as getting reps and getting better as a team,” said Dulaney’s outfielder Bobby Donald, who had three walks and scored three runs. “And, it was another win.”

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