Poly and ACCE baseball play at Camden Yards

The Baltimore Sun

When Baltimore City baseball players took the field Saturday at Camden Yards, they were supposed to have been playing for the city high school championship.

The weather was perfect for a ballgame, but a positively ridiculous amount of snow and rain in the late winter and early spring this season forced enough postponements to delay the baseball postseason.

So instead of the city championship, the teams with the best records in Baltimore City Divison 1 — Poly and Academy for College and Career Exploration — played what was just another afternoon game at the Yard.

"It was a game played so we would not lose the date at the stadium," said Bob Wade, the city's coordinator of athletics.

Wade said a new date for the city baseball championship had not been set. There's rain in the forecast, after all.

Still, Poly and ACCE appeared to get the most out of their time on a big league field Saturday. With ACCE up heading into the bottom of the seventh inning, the Engineers scored three runs to tie the game and force extra innings. Poly won, 8-7, with a walk-off single in the eighth inning, as shown in the Instagram video above, courtesy of Councilman Brandon M. Scott.

City officials and the Orioles announced in 2012 that the city baseball championship would be played at Camden Yards each year. The partnership is part of Major League Baseball's Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) initiative.



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