McGee's goals have more meaning this season for McDonogh boys lacrosse

The Baltimore Sun

McDonogh senior attackman Trey McGee has scored plenty of goals in his four years on varsity. None have been more special than those scored this season.

On March 17, McGee's grandmother, Sondra Harrison McGee, died suddenly. He has dedicated his season to her and he points to the sky in her honor after every goal he scores.   

He has 25 goals to go with 20 assists and has helped lead the No. 2 Eagles to a 9-1 start.

"My grandmother, she always wanted the best for people and she would go out of her way to do anything for you," McGee said. "And she loved watching me play lacrosse."

McGee and the Eagles were playing in a tournament in Florida when he learned of her passing. He decided to stay with the team before returning home. He said it has brought the team that much closer.

"I decided I wanted to stay in Florida with my team and coach [Andy] Hilgartner because he's been like a father figure to me, and my team this year has the tightest chemistry I've ever seen," McGee said. "We're like brothers and they all rallied around me and helped me get through it. So, I think it helped me more to stay than if I would have gone home and became more depressed. Lacrosse helped me get through it all."

McGee said his grandmother would call after every game to see if she could catch the game online.

"She didn't understand how to use a computer, so I had to walk her way through everything so she could watch the games," he said. "Right before she passed away, she called me two nights before to watch the Haverford game, so it meant a lot."

All the McDonogh players are wearing his grandmother's initials, "SHM," on the back of their helmets, an idea that came from captain Brinton Valis.

"Since she passed away, I dedicated the season to her," McGee said. "So, whenever I score or get an assist or anybody does anything good, I point to the sky to show I'm doing it for her."

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